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Me A Review!

I really appreciate everyone who has worked with me. Not only have you chose me to represent you with your home purchase or sale, you’ve gone above and beyond to include me as a friend and neighbor.

The Freeman Family

“We wanted to live out the in the country, but we weren’t really sure where.”

Thoughts from a couple that encountered a VERY difficult seller when trying to buy his home. How we managed to keep things together despite his constant effort to terminate the sale.

The Elliott Family

“There were times when we felt that Christy was the only one working.”

Check out the story of people that experienced the challenges of trying to sell a home and buy one simultaneously. How it all came together, despite the hurdles they couldn’t foresee.

Christy has helped us with both buying and selling. She has got the experience, energy and professionalism we expect from a great realtor! We are always confident that she has our interests first when price negotiating gets tough. She handles the stress of real estate like a pro. What I love – she returns texts and calls immediately!

John Dyck

Christy is great to work with! She was referred to us by a close friend and even though SE Portland wasn’t the area she worked in she did her research and helped us get the max out of the sell of our home and purchase of a new one. Christy is very attentive and always got back to us within a timely manner. Absolutely no complaints after working with her.

Esmeralda Ruiz

Need a great realtor? Christy Trotter is the one. We have been fortunate to have had Christy on board dealing with our buying of a rental house and the sale of my mother-in-law’s condo. She constantly is keeping us apprised of what is going on in the transactions, and truly has our best interests at heart. The sale of the condo could have been a nightmare because of some of the questionable practices of the realtor who represented the buyer. Christy went above and beyond what was expected in dealing with this and as a result, the transaction is being completed smoothly and efficiently. Thank you, Christy!

Sherri Dyck

I wanted to share my experience working with Christy to help my family and I sell a very difficult property.

You see, last summer our Dad’s house burnt down due to Arson activity.

Like most people today, all us siblings were very busy with life and did not know how to deal with this unfortunate situation.

Well, when things get tough, this is where Christy really shines!

See proceeded to HUSTLE, and then she expertly guided us through the steps needed to get the land ready to sell, then the correct marketing strategies to sell just the land with no house on it.

She then worked HARD following up with Realtors and their buyers, and just a short time later, she helped us sell the property and negotiated a true Win-Win deal so all parties are happy!

So, if you’re looking for a Smart, Hard Working Realtor that knows how to Hustle to get your house or land sold, I highly Recommend Christy Trotter!

Racer Rob Over and out…:)


Christy gives great advice and communicates well with clients. She recently sold a home for a client of mine, he said she always kept him up to date on the sales as it progressed. Mark gave her an A+.

Joe Gilles

Christy has a ton of knowledge and experience! She knows her stuff and she cares. I trust her completely and I know for sure she will be the one I use again and again.

Cristina Amicci